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Welcome to the K-Var Inner Circle Forum!

edited November 2021 in The Waiting Room

We've created this space as a place for K-Var Inner Circle members to meet, discuss, and share their enthusiasm for firearms.
This forum allows members to discuss esoteric information and knowledge with likeminded members. Collectors will have an opportunity to discuss items in their collection with a community that appreciates and understands their unique qualities and historical value.

The K-Var Inner Circle is an exclusive, invitation only club that is composed of firearms enthusiasts and collectors. We are building a relationship, combining our wants, needs, and likes. There will be certain products that K-Var will acquire specifically for Inner Circle members through our supply channels. These products will be hard to find and highly collectable. The Inner Circle program allows us to share these products with the collector and the enthusiast community.

Inner Circle members will get an invitation to this forum, as it is closed to non-members. If you are not currently an Inner Circle member, you may request an account on this forum and then post in the Membership Request discussion. You must use the same email address that is used on your account in the K-Var website.

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