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Which rifle grip do you use?

I see the “c-clamp” grip has become popular, just curious which grip/stance do you guys use and why?


  • @Vanillaguerrilla

    I find that my grip often changes depending on what I’m shooting. As for AKs, the c-clamp is a no go for me as I prefer to keep my support hand away from the gas tube.

    Not really a fan of the mag grip either as the support hand needs to extend further out on the barrel to provide adequate support for a 16” setup. 

    I guess that puts me in the traditional grip category when it comes to AKs.
  • The whole C-clamp grip thing looks goofy and uncomfortable.  I remember seeing it in some movies and thought it was Hollywood people putting their own spin on weapons handling.  I just read a few sentences from an article written about it and couldn't choke any more than that down.  Pure poppycock and completely unnecessary.

    To each their own I guess.
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    Well, unfortunately as popular as the C-clamp is for AR rifle firing and other unimpeded rifles it doesn't work well with the AK on an iron sight basis. The thumb blocks the front sight prominently. A true C-clamp works fine if running straight optics and not absolute co-witness...meaning lower 1/3rd arrangement.
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    I use a traditional AK handguard grip if it's traditional furniture... usually. Sometimes some rails have a ledge so I'll rest my thumb forward towards target. If doing a magwell grip I also use thumbs forward as it intuitive forward point. It's a great habit too if rocking a weapon with left side reciprocating charging handle to keep thumb out of the bolt travels way if gripping magwell. Too often do I see SCAR shooters get a thumb caught wanting to wrap that thumb up towards top rail (I know the new SCAR has non-reciprocating charging handle, many other examples out there though like B&T rifles that reciprocate). Not to disparage anyone who doesn't use or like a magwell grip, but I advise practicing and getting used to engaging targets that way. There were times in Iraq where we would have to go house to house for hours on end (this didn't happen too often because a lot of the "ninjas" did the house collapsing but it did happen enough times) and let me tell you it's near impossible to keep your arm extended or even at a half crook to hold rifle by front handguard and still manipulate weapon for that long. Even the most burly mutherfuxxxer in the company can't keep it up for hours upon hours. By the end of it all, everyone has a magwell grip and even some with elbows on body to keep weapon up. Nobody wants to be learning on the spot to manipulate and engage targets with a first time modified grip ones not used to. 
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