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Your Arsenal Collection Favorites?


What’s the most interesting item in your Arsenal collection? I’m looking for ideas..


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    I have a SAM 7sf that is an excellent shooter, very reliable and accurate within 200 yds (have not shot it past that). I recently picked up a SAM 5 but have not shot it yet (it's in pic thread). I have other Russian guns that are not from Arsenal. I really love my Vepr 12 and Vepr AK .308. Two Mosin-Nagants (straight and a bent) they certainly served in the Great Patriotic War (WW2), even just holding them is awe-inspiring to me. My favorite is the one in my hand at the time.
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  • Definitely the SASM7-21-3 - The wood is just so nicccccce!

    I should have bought it when I had the chance.

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  • @StreetSweeper I agree with you.
    My sam7sf has turned a lot of guys in my shooting group from:
    "I would never own an AK" to "who is bringing their AK out today?"

    I hope my sam7k will soon be my most interesting item as I plan to learn the appropriate and valuable mods from this forum.
  • Definitely my OD SAM7 sf with matching magazine!  A gun that I’ll never part with. 
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    I love my SAM7SF rocking the AR-M9 furniture bring it into an AR-M9F configuration. I have it on the SAM7SF owners guide video if curious what the configuration looks like. I got that stock set from KVAR back in 2018 i want to say, so it was nice to see the ARM9 stock set come back! That ARM9 grip is so nice for multiple hand sizes, comfortable, and has a contemporary look that's just badd@$$. The slim triangular lower handguard with the grip grooves for both palm and thumb is also a great look but functionally superior to most offerings when it comes to furniture. It's like an M16A1 handguard in a way, but slimmer and as stated functionally superior. Just got a set of AR-M9 furniture with fixed buttstock for my SAM7R. I love the feel of the buttstock the way it's widened at the back and wraps up towards top of the shoulder. Gives exceptional cheek weld. Thank you for bringing the AR-M9 stock set to the inner circle. I could've bought 2, but only bought 1 because I didn't want to be a pig to give others a chance to get a set for their SAM AKs. I also have a Fime Molot Vepr FM-AK74-21 that i love rocking a complete RPK74M configuration with folding clubfoot stock, flash hider, grip, and etc. I call it my RPK74M "light" lol, since it's still only a 16" barrel. Since Fime is a sister company of Arsenal, I would think it still falls under the Arsenal realm.
  • Where can you see your Sam7SF owners guide video?
  • Great video, very informative.  Thanks for Sharing!
  • @Rick I'm glad you liked it bro. It was a first time knowledge drop on some that info for the community on the SAM7SF. Helps to be apart of NATO and befriend Bulgarian Army officers for these reasons alone. Not too mention the whole fighting communism and terrorism with them as a working relationship and all, lol. Glad to have you over there with us 
  • @Cav_Trooper_19D Hello again.  I just wanted to ask you if I go with Sam7-84 is it possible to add the m-5 picatinny rail, over the top cover fairly easily.  I’ve been an AR shooter for a long time and as I get older the Optic is a must.  I’ve attempted to purchase an Arsenal Sam7-94E on gunbroker, I guess it wasn’t meant to be.  My other question is the sam7R-94E can the stock be changed out.
  • @Rick hey Rick, how's things? The AR-M5 rail system is fairly easy to attach to Arsenal SAM7(5)'s if you are at least somewhat inclined and understanding in use of basic hand tools. It's a hinged mechanism system that replaces the old gas tube lever for a longer one that the picatinny rail hinge attaches to on either side of the rear sight tower. A basic gas tube lever wouldn't work due to not being long enough and also on the included gas tube lever, the detent is longer to account for the additional length of the gas tube lever. The back of the receiver is where the milling needs done if adding to an prior SAM series rifle. Theres a spike detent on either side in the rear that keeps the rail in place when the rear lever lock is applied. Could technically be done with a Dremel, but i would rather send it out to a competent gunsmith that has a drill press or CNC machine that can run on multiple planes other than just x and y axis. If you live near western Pennsylvania X-Ring Custom Gunsmithing is my go to gunsmith that can do anything. You could mail it to him too of course. I just mention this so you have somewhere to go to if need be if not willing to attempt the detent milling. 
        As for your question on the SAM7-94E and any of the other fixed stock SAM series... SAM7R/SAM5, yes, you can change out the stock for something else. Unfortunately, the offerings are limited because they use upper and lower tangs like the Type III AK, unlike an AKM that uses just an upper tang which has more drop in offerings like the Magpul Zhukov stock (personally not a fan of, but others like it). I personally like the upper and lower tangs because it's more bombproof and stays true to the current Bulgarian military version of these rifles. I keep a lot of my stuff in military configuration because that's what I like. Others like using a lot of aftermarket stuff that can be hit or miss. The AR-M9 stock set is among the best for fixed stock use, very comfortable, nice comb height for optics, and the handguard is like an M16A1 triangular handguard, but slimmer, more rounded with grip cuts for palm and thumb. 
        You're not necessarily painted into a corner though with the upper and lower tangs, you can cut the rivets off the lower tang or the lower tang itself (cutting the rivets is a better way to go instead of flush cutting the lower tang) to use AKM type furniture and stock sets. For instance, the Magpul Zhukov or wood AKM furniture. There is wood furniture that will work with the upper and lower tangs and those are ones that work with the "type 3 AK-47." If you get rid of the lower tang there's any number of adapters for AR-15 stocks and other stock systems that are offered by CNC Warrior, JMAC Customs, Carolina Shooter Supply for the AK rifles. Those three places are fantastic for getting an idea of what can be done or used in the aftermarket realm. You could go heavy @$$ Russian steel stock sets that are pretty cool, but heavy as i mentioned. You see a lot of Spetsnaz special forces guys rocking stuff like Zenitco and KPYK stock sets. You can find some of that at Legion USA. Again, the lower tang most likely would need removed for those of course. 
  • wow!  Thanks for the comments.  I reside in NC.    I’ve got a lot to consider.  I like the folding stock idea, after reading a lot of comments- some said the stock wasn’t as comfortable as the fixed stock.  I prefer keeping In a Military configuration too.  I’ll check out the different suppliers you recommend.   I appreciate your expertise.  
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