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Inner Circle Products - Max quantity order per customer

edited February 2022 in The Waiting Room
One of the main reasons customers wish to be Inner Circle members is so they have access to limited availability items. That means there are only so many to go around, and those items will clearly state on the product page "Limit 2 per customer" or whatever the number is. And you can only add that many to your cart. Of course, you could go back over and over placing multiple orders so that you are able to buy all available stock. 

Among other qualities, Inner Circle members are supposed to be of "strong moral character", as mentioned on the IC information page. We take this seriously, it's not just words. 
So when a member shows their greed is more important to them than the membership in general, what do you feel should happen?

Feel free to add comments and vote in the poll. I want to see what the general membership feels. This is also open to those who wish to be accepted into the Inner Circle membership program.


  • I feel if some one is purchasing more than one of same product they are just trying to resell them online and make money off the products and that’s why I feel that inner circle membership should be revoked,  there is  plenty of people out there including my self that will be happy to follow the rules 
  • Flippers are the worst. No room for them in this community.  I say suspend the membership for a period of time and let them know if they do it again they will be out for good!
  • Closing this. FYI this former IC member was also rude and verbally abusive to K-Var sales staff even before he tried to purchase triple the allowed amount of a restricted item. That won't be tolerated. Sometimes legitimate issues and problems arise. That's no excuse to be an @sshole.
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