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Request Inner Circle Membership

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Please use this thread to request membership to the Inner Circle. After doing so, enter your name and email address (please use the same email address for this forum and your K-Var customer account) into this form. We will use that email list to notify everyone when we do our next recruitment drive.



  • Hello out there, I’m new to the ak world, but am interested in learning about this historical, ultra reliable platform. Currently I own 2 Arsenal ak’s. A sam7 sf, and also a Krebs custom sam7k. I have purchased from you before on gunbroker, and would appreciate the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of becoming a member of your inner circle. Thank you for your consideration COMERAD!
  • Hi there,

    I’m a collector and frankly, I just want to be informed and have access to neat parts. 

  • Hello, I am an AK enthusiast and I am interested in becoming a member of the innercircle! I would like to have access to purchase guns and parts that are held for members. 
  • Excited about the possibility of the Inner circle program.  Long-time KVAR fan with many AK purchases. I hope to be approved as a member to continue my collection 
  • I'm a collector and builder of AK rifles (07 FFL). I have been a customer for many years and look forward to adding some more rare items to the collection. 
  • Please consider my application for Inner Circle membership.  I am an AK enthusiast, and have been so for many years.  I have several AK projects going.  I have a NIB Arsenal Izhmash SGL-10 that I am converting to AKM style.  I have had this rifle for some time, and even purchased the conversion kit form K-VAR when they were available.  Other projects distracted me, so I am now getting back to this one.  I am interested in sharing my projects with other members and seeking their knowledge and feedback.

    I also own an Arsenal Bulgarian SLR 101S that I will de-ban.  I could use some help from forum members on this one.  Meanwhile I enjoy shooting a Norinco Type 56S that I acquired second hand a few years back.  Too bad it did not come with the original box or accessories.  Anyway, I thought I could share these two projects with forum members along the way.
  • Hi looking to be apart of community and discussing  help me along on buying an purchasing new products 
  • Our program administrators are looking to add a new round of IC members. I have sent all of those applicants above a link and a password to complete the IC membership application form. They will be reviewing submissions tomorrow or Monday, so fill it out ASAP in order to get into this round. 
    Thank you and good luck.
  • Hi, I would love to join the Inner Circle, life long AK enthusiast here! Thank you 
  • Hey all- glad to be here. Looking forward to all the benefits of being accepted. Those benefits hopefully include access to some harder to find parts, and perhaps a rifle “from in the back of the warehouse”!! 😛 
    Long time fan of the platform, hoping to expand on my collection. Thanks.
  • Hello IC Admin, 

    I would love to join the Kvar Inner Circle family. As a life long lover of the AK platform, I have been always on the hunt to unique items and also diving into the history of them. My first AK platform was a Robinson Arms import VEPR I got for under $400 (oh back in the day memories). Since then I've added an Arsenals SLR-107, and a Rifle Dynamics US build. Ive found that it's been harder to get new and limited accessories/rifles these days and came upon the Inner Circle program. I am super interested in joining so I can keep scratching that itch and I really hope you will find me worthy. 

    Thank you,

  • Hello everyone i would like to apply for the Inner Circle membership for exclusive access to hard to find magazines, spare parts and general rarities especially when it comes to the AK platform.

    Thank you for your time. 
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    Wishing everyone blessings for 2022.  Hate hearing today about the invasion of Ukraine.  Praying the Ukrainian people and Russian people have limited casualties.  I don’t own an AK, but appreciate the rich history of the platform.  I’ve been looking to acquire an Arsenals Ak for years.  It’s seems like Arsenal is the holy grail AK Rifles.  I’m hopeful that K-Var allows me into the inner circle of K-Var.  I know that the members in the inner circle have alot to offer in regard to experience of AK’s.  I look forward to being a K-var inner circle member.  Thank you K-var for the consideration!

    Rick Lauer
    North Carolina
  • @Rick hey, welcome to the forum! I look forward to you joining the ranks of our AK brotherhood (sisters count in that as well). You are correct, Arsenal AKs are the top tier AK and any variant is one to be proud of. Not only buying an exceptional rifle, but a collectors heirloom for your future generations if they follow suit into enjoying the 2A freedoms we try to enjoy and hold onto in the US. You can always consider buying these on layaway if don't have the money up front or just saving up. Arsenal AKs are like blue chip stocks, they hold their value in used market and will continue to go up in price over time. I urge you to get an import like an Arsenal, but if not an Arsenal, you can go for a Zastava made AK. They give a lot for the money and are a great choice in getting into the platform. The ZPAP M70, M85, M90 all are great choices and all can be found here on KVAR website as well.
  • Hey Cav Trooper, I’m ready to pull the trigger!😆 on a Arsenal.  I just need to be accepted by the inner-circle Administrator.  It’s my birthday this weekend🥳. I hoping they give me the code to open up the weapon availability of the inner circle. Thanks for the warm welcome
  • Hey there! I’m just getting into the AK world, but am interested in learning about the platform. I've done my research and have come to the conclusion that it would be best to own an Arsenal AK. Thanks to the Jaegerz999 on Instagram, I've fell in love with the look and power Arsenal systems hold. I would be delighted in getting my hands on a SAM7 series if I could, but I do not know which one is best and would love for more information about them. I would appreciate the opportunity to join the Inner Circle and be humbled by partaking in the benefits of becoming a member. 
  • Happy belated birthday, Rick! I don't have any presents to give out today, but I do have something else in mind. I don't know when the next recruitment drive will be, but to make things simpler, ALL APPLICANTS please add your name and email address to this email list. We will use this list to notify all of you that are waiting for the invitation, once we get the green light to bring in more members. 
    In the meantime please feel free to use this general membership section. 

    Have a great weekend everyone!
  • Much appreciated.  Thank you!
  • @ICAdmin Done and registered!  Appreciate the Birthday shout out.  As I get older I’m trying to forget how quickly the day arrives.  Im Thankful God has allowed me to have another day on this Earth, but this aging thing is getting tough😆
  • Hello! good morning, good afternoon, and good evening!

    I recently bought a sam7sf 84e at a local gun shop, and after putting 200 rounds through it I fell in love. Now I am in the process of acquiring a sam5, and wish to get parts to upgrade my rifles, however they are difficult to find. I saw your arm9 furniture on sale and realized how perfect it would be to put the arm9 ambidextrous safety pistol grip on my sam7sf 84e, and put the arm9 stock and fore-grip on a newly acquired sam5 rifle. Due to age restrictions in Oregon I was unable to purchase the rifle myself from the shop, so I had my father purchase the rifle, while I later compensated him for the whole price. It will be the same plan but with the sam5. Ive noticed that with arsenal products, their price is reflected in their quality. I hope I can become an inner circle member to gain access to these parts, but if it doesn't happen all is well! I look forward to your decision and hope you have an awesome day. 

    Best wishes!
  • Hi.  I just want to relate to everyone about my excitement about landing on both feet inside the inner circle of AK knowledge. My first AK was a Poly Tech Legend, the minute I got home, I tore the gun down, and couldn't believe how simple, and forgiving that gun was, just blew my mind, after falling in love, lol with the legend, I picked up 3 more Arsenals, and its like a love affair. I'm after expert experience from people in the inner circle, for knowledge on these AK,s. Only one way to learn, and that is ask. Just picked up a SAM 5 with a rail system on the cover new in box, and would appreciate thoughts on what to attach to it, scope, hologram site. Its alwise great to save money, but info is my reward.
  • E-mailed Arsenal today and asked them If they would ever build a 5.56 x45 SAS M7 milled under folder, or even a SAM 5, and the bad news was not in the works. Anyone on board with my thinking on this, thoughts anyone. Hans
  • E-mailed Arsenal today and asked them If they would ever build a 5.56 x45 SAS M7 milled under folder, or even a SAM 5, and the bad news was not in the works. Anyone on board with my thinking on this, thoughts anyone. Hans
    Howdy @Huntingdog

    More civilian variants by Arsenal would certainly be welcomed! However, It would appear that most consumer fails to acknowledge that Arsenals bread is buttered by military contracts. I personally had no understanding of Arsenals history and background until well after my first purchase through Kvar.

    Having said that, I’m with you brother. The more milled AKs options the better!

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    Hello everyone! I’ve been collecting for several years and have several AK rifles. This is a great place for discussion and viewing topics of interest. I’d like to request Inner Circle membership as collecting and building AK’s and the associated accessories have always been an interest to me. Thanks!
  • Welcome - posting this again in case it gets missed - please enter your contact info into this form - we will use this list to contact prospective members on our next membership drive!
  • @ICAdmin just asking are we getting close to being considered for membership?  I know patients is a virtue but it’s killing me🤣
  • @ICAdmin For us in WA, it would be great to get a temp membership or something similar before the mag ban goes in to place 7/1. I've already grabbed what I could from the buy 5 get 1 deal, but I want to get so much more and soon. 
  • @Rick @edho2002 Let me see if I can at least send out an invite to those who have jumped through all the hoops and registered here on the form

  • Appreciate it!
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