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  • Well everyone who added their info through that form (except 1) submitted the questionnaire and is pending processing.  Will try to get you guys added by early next week. 
    Thanks for sticking with it!
  • Hello,
    I own a few Arsenals and would love to become a member to continue support. 
  • *** BUMP ***
    Please use this thread to request membership to the Inner Circle. After doing so, enter your name and email address (please use the same email address for this forum and your K-Var customer account) into this form. We will use that email list to notify everyone when we do our next recruitment drive.
  • Trying to join! Have a SAM7R as well as Yugo M70 an IZZY build and Tula Build on the way! 
  • Would love to join! Always been a fan of the ak platform— Got a plum sam7sf and have had a zastava and wbp. Looking to add an sas m7 underfolder and Zastava m77 (when available) to the collection. Thanks!
  • Have a few Arsenals. CR, FR, UR, F all 107’s though, among other AK variants. Still trying to find my 2 remaining 5.45s to complete the collection. One can wish right? I’d love to join if given the opportunity. 
  • Excited to join! Long time AK fan.  Own many! Im a repeat K-Var customer.  How do I get the questionnaire? 
  • @Vanillaguerrilla
    Enter your name and email address (please use the same email address for this forum and your K-Var customer account) into this form. We will use that email list to notify everyone when we do our next recruitment drive.
  • Filled it out. Thank you so much!
  • Pettey_84

    Big fan of all the arsenal stuff.  It all started with the Sam7sf and Sam 7k. Then I turned to collecting Ak magazines.  I would be honored to be a member and get a shot at purchasing some of the coolest stuff.  
  • Arsenal Bulgarian Milled receivers are the best! I own a Sam7r-51 love it, it’s my favorite! It would be a honor to be a member, and to be able to talk to like minded people, and to have access to some hard to get AKs and parts! 
  • Hello, I wish I could say that I'm a huge enthusiast and collector of AKs and that's why I'm joining, but that's far from the case. I'm actually joining because I'm very new to the AK platform and very interested in learning. Watching videos of people modifying their AKs is extremely fascinating and makes me want to learn more. It's a whole different ballgame than the super modularity of the AR platform and for some reason it intrigues me. I'm hoping to learn more, be humble and just join a cool group of people who share the same interest.
  • @Idvman
    That reason for joining is just as valid as any other. More so than some. You've already signed up to the mailing list, so when they do the next round of invitations, you'll get one. Not sure when that will be.
  • Hello, I decided that my first AK is going to be Arsenal. Bulgarian Arsenal milled receivers are the best! Arsenal’s quality is the best in the world. I’m going to collect best of the best unique AK’s. That’s why I really need membership in inner circle.

  • I am a pro 2nd Amendment advocate that enjoys shooting and collecting firearms.  I have numerous pistols and AR's of all flavors but unfortunately I'm late to the game in the AK scene.  The AK has peeked my interest for no other reason than the history and sheer beauty, as well as dependability, of this weapon.  I recently acquired an Arsenal SAM7SF-84E and the history of the evolution of that era just drips from this gorgeous beast.  I would LOVE to become and INNER CIRCLE member and would participate and add a sense of continued positivity to the community if granted such.  God Bless and stay safe out there.  I'll patiently await a response. 
  • Arsenal makes the best! still have the plastic on my suppressor for my slr 101 s , will be shooting her soon! arsenal products only!
    The arsenal A makes the cherry on top for the suppressor!!!  
  • I'd like to be a part of the Inner Circle Members Only thing.  I've got a SAM7SF and a SLR104FR in my collection.  I'd like to have more, but I'm sure everyone else would as well.  I'd like to get early looks at new products as well as early offers to purchase items returning instock.  Not gonna lie, part of the reason I'm here is for that Bulgarian ARM9 furniture that just came back instock.  A notification was sent to my email, but I'm unable to buy it as I'm not an Inner Circle Member yet.  So yeah if you could approve me really quick it'd help speed up the checkout process. Haha!! 
  • Looking to join the Inner Circle to continue supporting Arsenal and K-Var. Have purchased a SAM and many accessories through K-Var and am interested in join the Inner Circle in hopes to continue buying top of the line, reliable AK parts / accessories. Pro 2A, and all things Kalashnikov, being apart of the Inner Circle seems to be the next step in continuing my love and passion for this platform and community. Looking forward to hear back and hopefully become apart of this awesome family! 
  • I love AKs about any variant or model! ARs are boring and suck ass! I’m trying to get that access to bad ass parts I couldn’t get without the access! Need that ak100 series front sight block!!! Let me join and I’ll spend too much money!!!! 
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