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Slr107 parts kit

I happen to have a slr 107 parts kit with the 16 barrel also a og bulged 74 kit I was thinking about doing some blasphemy with both by turning the 107 basically into a 104 is there any difference on the journal sizes with the 107 parts to fit on a 545 krink barrel and is the gas block going to work with the ports size


  • @wyattfenton91 I'm almost positive that a 107 barrel uses a 23mm trunnion block whereas a 104 barrel definitely uses a 22mm trunnion block.
  • I'm not quite understanding, but it seems like a big pain in @$$. I'm guessing you want to use 5.45 caliber and a Krink setup. The 107 shares almost nothing with the 104UR Krink. Combo gas block instead of 90* degree gas block, different port size, different trunnion journal size 22mm instead of 23mm trunnion, also need an AKS-74U barrel and gas tube, short piston bolt carrier. 
        If it was using parts from a 107 to make a standard 74 then it would be a little easier and could use things like the front sight base I'm sure and maybe the gas block, but might erode faster depending on the port hole size in relation to the gas block port hole. 
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