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Cerakote Service?

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Who thinks Arsenal Custom Shop should offer a Cerakote service?
( EDIT: Moved this to the open section so everyone can chime in. Had to remake the poll... )
If you have purchased one of the Arsenal Custom Shop Cerakoted rifles, please also share your thoughts, good and bad. 
Cerakote Service
  1. Should Arsenal Custom Shop offer a Cerakote service?5 votes
    1. Shut up and take my money!
    2. Meh...
    3. Nope.


  • Yes please!

    For starters I’d pay to have the AK-20 muzzle device cerakoted in plum! And given the quality exhibited in the sparse desert offerings, I wouldn't hesitate in requesting any camo patterns through Arsenal Custom. 

    From a stock item standpoint, distinguishing between cerakoted, molded, painted & anodized finishes is key for savy consumers.

    Would Arsenal Custom consider full cerakote recoat jobs involving stripping and refinishing the delicate and often abused Arsenal Bulgaria finishes?

    I don’t trust just anyone with an AK paint job, so having the importer & manufacture offer such a service is a huge + for me. 
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    @ICAdmin love to see custom cerakote shop service. Also, include an Arsenal Custom shop certificate with rifles serial number for verification that it went through the custom shop. A possible option for Arsenal custom shop logo to be added to a circle 10 mag and on the rifle too in the chosen color like you already have done with some of the limited production numbered mags... example: Mojave dessert mags you guys did having the logo on the spine. Btw, when are you bringing back the Mojave cerakote mags or are you guys done?
  • @PlumCrazy @Cav_Trooper_19D
    I'll pass on your feedback. Stay tuned, more info to come soon I'm sure. Thank you!
  • Does this mean if you purchase a Firearm from Arsenal it could be Cerakoted before shipping?  A lot of people would opt for that.
  • Does this mean if you purchase a Firearm from Arsenal it could be Cerakoted before shipping?  A lot of people would opt for that.
    Interesting idea - I will pass it up the chain. It would have to be some sort of agreement between Arsenal and K-Var since you have to make the initial purchase through K-Var. 
  • I think it’s a brilliant idea.  It’s my understanding that some Ak manufacturers don’t put the best paint finish on their rifles.  I suspect if K-Var could increase the finish durability- they would have a home run!  
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    @Rick yeah, Arsenal Bulgaria sends their rifles in same finish as the Bulgarian military and exported military rifles paint over phosphate (parkerization). That paint over park finish has been in practice since early days of the AKM 1959/1960-present in all the former Warsaw Pact countries. Prior to the AKM, the original AK-47 was blued of course. China still blues their AKs especially the type 56. Personally, i like getting the exact thing the Bulgarian military gets since my interest in firearms is very military heavy being in the Army. I'm glad there's another offering for those that want something not so utilitarian. Better finishes for commercial market and color offerings.  
  • @ICAdmin

    Has this proposed service carried any steam?

    I have multiple firearms out right now for refinishing and I’ve yet to find anyone that would take on a Partizan camo job.

    Really want to cerakote my newly acquired MK47 in the following:

  • @PlumCrazy
    It got started and then stalled. Although they were only looking at doing solid colors on Arsenal firearms only, to start.
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