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I don’t mean to sound impatient, just was wondering how often the Members of the Inner Circle vote on adding new members.  Does voting occur in bulk selections or individually on a constant basis.  I guess just wondering what my chances are. 😁. I suspect as the war between Russia and Ukraine continues availability of AK’s will reduce.  Praying this War comes to an end.  It’s seems the Political class gets us in these wars and the civilians pay the consequences/


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    You're anxious to get in, and I take that as a good thing. It's a bulk process, I'll try to push them for another round since we are still short of the 1,000 member mark.
    As a reminder to anyone else waiting, be sure to sign up to our mail list here. We'll use that list to send out the questionnaire invitations. You fill out the questionnaire appropriately and you get in. It's that simple.
  • Hello.  New  with inner circle, Just retired, and have time on my side, so here I 'am. Planning on shooting a lot , and this is something I've done all my life, but alwise trying to find more information, on shooting subjects, never boring. I've taken an interest to the AK passion, and I'm fortunate to be able to shoot out my back door, and hope to find some helpful info at times.   Hans
  • Give me your thoughts old experts, I just picked up a Sam 5 with a top rail, This is my 4th Arsenal, and never topped any of them with a scope or eo tech. What's a good recommendation.
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    @Huntingdog low mount Aimpoint T2 micro red dot is probably the best choice. Eotech is great for any modern sporting rifle, but does sit a little high on an AK, even with something like a low side rail mount RS Regulate. Unless rocking nigh vision, then the higher optic mounting is def a plus. Especially with trying to look through optics with night vision. I take many things through a fighting use mindset being in a combat occupation for over a decade. I shy away from lasers along time ago as it's a tether to your position. Seems that school of thought is becoming more popular finally. The rail M5 top rail sits a bit higher than side rail mounts, so a micro red dot like an Aimpoint T2, Aimpoint H2, or Aimpoint CompM5 will be best bet or something similar. Don't get me wrong, i love Eotech it just depends on setup and weapon sometimes. I have an Eotech EXPS3-0 (EXPS3-2 is probably the best Eotech has made, i use one of those on another firearm) on my EDC AR right now...a Colt LE6945CQB pistol with a 10.3" monolithic upper. Eotechs are the best for night vision, CQB, and dynamic shooting in, around, and under vehicles, hence why it's on an EDC AR. A holographic weapon sight doesn't require perfect head alignment to make shots, as long as its properly zeroed if you can physically see the dot is on the target you can make the shot. A regular red dot isn't as forgiving. The nice thing about micro red dots is you can get more of a cheek weld versus a chin weld so often seen with higher mounted optics on an AK. Plus, Aimpoint T2 is pretty dang bombproof. It was my first optic i used on an AK side mount and has served impeccably for years and years. 
  • what about a Trijicon Acog?  Will that get you above the T-post front sight?
  • I’ll start by saying: I don’t own an ACOG 🙃

    But I can say with 100% confidence that you wIll be hard pressed to find an optic that WONT comfortably clear the typical AK FSB.

    As @Cav_Trooper_19D said, you want a squaty optic on an AK. The dust cover commands a high rise. Practically anything sitting above the dust cover will give you a quality sight picture above the rear and front sight block.

    I can say with first hand experience that a trijicon MRO paints a sight picture that doesn’t in any way draw attention to the FSB
  • Thanks for all the info, and agree about the Eotech, setting up a little high, I'm also running Eotech's on my 15s that work like a dream. You gave me good info to chew on. I'm going to my local indoor range, which has a great selection of more expensive stuff, lol. What I like about AK,s and AR.s is there in your face, and it has to the same with optics, pull up and your locked in, this to me is shooting confidence. Thanks again guys.

  • @Cav_Trooper_19D Hey Brother I hope you are safe.  I appreciate your service along with the interaction you have with the inner circle.  I’ve been contemplating different optics on my Sam7SF-94E with the M5 pic rail.  You mentioned the Aimpoint T-2 low mount red dot.  I’m getting a little older and eye sight begins to fade.  What magnified optics would you recommend?  If I’m shooting 100-300 yards my eyes 👀 might need a little help.

  • @Cav_Trooper_19D with my Colt AR’s I run an ACOG T31 red chevron.  It’s a awesome optic.  I’m very new to the AK platform
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    Rick said:
    @Cav_Trooper_19D Hey Brother I hope you are safe.  I appreciate your service along with the interaction you have with the inner circle.  I’ve been contemplating different optics on my Sam7SF-94E with the M5 pic rail.  You mentioned the Aimpoint T-2 low mount red dot.  I’m getting a little older and eye sight begins to fade.  What magnified optics would you recommend?  If I’m shooting 100-300 yards my eyes 👀 might need a little help.
    Thank you for your appreciation to military armed service members.

     Besides Aimpoint T-2 theres the Primary Arms Cyclops Prism scope with ACSS etched reticle is a good choice for AK use that's not considered a lot. I think they have a Gen 2 out now, I have the first generation. Uses an Etched reticle works with or without astigmatism and require no batteries. ACOGs are great especially ACSS reticle, but eye relief is always something to deal with so a higher comb on AK stock is a nice feature. K-VAR had specific 7.62x39 ACOGs on sale awhile back for around $800+, would've loved to have snagged one at that price. Always something else I'm usually saving up for though as in a new firearm. I can always get more optics down the road. My go to firearms are already equipped with optics so right now all that stuff has been an extra for later purchase. Politics always out to hinder the 2A and my collection isn't finished unfortunately. They're never going after optics, lol, so a lot of the not a need stuff has been on the back burner. Like now, I'm going to buy another AK through KVAR soon and find that more of a need than another ACOG. Not saying not to buy optics, that's just how I view my situation and like I said, I'm pretty optics heavy now anyways, so everyones situation is different.

    Btw, ACOG is great on an AR! I have one on my Colt AR-15A4 (love the ACSS reticle) as it works well on a 20" barrel singing a high velocity round at 3000-3240fps buttering through steel plate armor. It's a great rifle for the unknowns of civil unrest. A go to rifle of mine for sure. I also like to use ACOGs on Battle Rifles like my FAL in 308. ACOGs and Battle Rifles cartridges marry well together 

  • This is my colt LE with Acog TA-31 F love the set up.  Your right the eye relief is a concern for me on my Sam7SF-94E
  • @Cav_Trooper_19D what’s your next AK purchase?  
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    @Rick nice Colt and 94E 👍! You could always consider loosing the bipod and in turn shedding the weight of it off the rifle if you carry an assault pack for shtf. (I really don't know one person that wouldn't carry some sort of 2-3 day pack/get home bag/light assault pack for that situation) Anyways, using the pack as the bipod instead. Just something to consider. Not everything works for everyone, I get that and is why it's only worth mentioning as a choice and not an end all be all or debate. 

         Yeah, the eye relief is a bit tough with SAM7SF and why brought it up. Def going to be chin welding instead of cheek weld. One thing nice about the 94E is all that picatinny real estate to play with. The Primary Arms Cyclops Prism scope that I mentioned also has eye relief, but a bit more forgiving eye box at around 4" inches. Might be cool if Arsenal/K-VAR came out with a cheek riser for the side folding tubular stock kind of what the Molot Vepr FM-AK47-21 use, but more stationary without the flip aspect. 

        My most recent AK I was lucky enough to source from K-VAR...the Arsenal SAM5-64G cerakote grey produced by Arsenal custom shop. I missed the boat on the sparse camo unfortunately, but this is next best thing at time being in the SAM5 line, in my opinion. Plus, there are only 100 of them made so it's cool to have something only 99 others potentially have. Hopefully KVAR gets more SAM5 mags in. Hopefully KVAR gets more color mags in period. I'd love to get a grey 7.62 mag. I'm behind on just about all the basic color mags. 
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