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7x62x39 or 5.56x55

Like to hear your thoughts, on your preferred caliber you would rather shoot, out of an AK, 7x62x39,  or 5.56x45. 


  • I like 7.62x39 on an AK.  5.56 on an AR.  I guess I’m more of a traditionalist.
  • Yeah Rick...Like them both,  fun to shoot, and its fun to dress them up for the party, nothing better then having something looking builtifull wrapped up in your arms, lol.
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    The Caliber of Our Lord (7.62x39) without question!!! 
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    @Huntingdog I agree with what's been stated, but also what one what's to accomplish with said rifle and cartridge. If looking to engage materiale or man then I'd choose one over the other. If looking to suppress and trying to get lowest sound signature as possible, well 7.62x39 is going to be the better choice regardless if it's in a "subsonic" grain or not. It's always harder to quiet down a high velocity round over a heavier grain projectile. Sometimes things to consider. I do love a 7.62x39 in an AK, but the ultimate round for the AK will always be 5.45x39 for me. I absolutely love that round out of an AK and feel damn lucky to have gotten true 5.45 imported AKs over this domestic crap companies are pedaling. It's just not the same. That said, I am missing a couple 5.45 AKs in my collection before the bubble popped on some of these rifles importation. If never shot 5.45 out of an AK, there's just something about the recoil or lack there of, the sound of that round or cadence of rounds piercing the air is UNMISTAKABLE, and I even think a little magic can be felt in the air after each time 5.45 is shot out of a former Warsaw Pact imported AK, lol. Yeah, I'm a fan 😉
  • I just started shooting the 545.  I like the 762 round and shoot it quite a bit.  I have not ventured to the 556 round fir the AK. 
  • In 2020,my preference was 7.62x39 : 5.56 AKs were blasphemous!
    In 2021 it was toss up
    In 2022 it’s 5.56

    AKs drew me into the high volume shooting world.  The cheaper the round, the more plinking to be had.

    Now were all feeling the squeeze on 7.62 and I personally wish I had more 5.56 AK variants to shoot. Something about paying .35 for a round a Tula makes my stomach churn 🤢
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